Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Every house needs play silks

It has been too long since I last posted. I'd love to say it was because I was working on top secret Christmas crafting, but the sad fact is I've simply been snowed under with work. But it is half term here now so I'm spending a week with my girls. Emma only just started at school in September, and while I'm really pleased that she is settling in so well and really enjoying it, I do really miss her. So this week we are pottering around doing all our favourite things together and having a thoroughly lovely time. Lucy is enjoying having her big sister back too.

This morning, Emma pulled the play silks out of the toy box. I bought them about three years ago as seven undyed silk scarves and dyed them in rainbow colours with food colouring and vinegar. Since then they have been a firm favourite in this house. Super hero capes, princess dresses, making rainbows, hide and seek, making dens... the possibilities are endless and limited only by imagination! Today we decided that half term holidays were not right without a trip to the sea side, but unfortunately the weather is not that great here, and we live about as far from the sea as you can get! So we have made our own.

Yellow play silk for sand, blue and indigo for the sea, purple and red for rocks, green for seaweed. Add some coloured ribbons for more seaweed, a few shells, and some cuddly penguins and all you need is hats and sun cream! We've been having great fun building "sand castles", going for a swim, sunbathing, looking for shells, and I think that after lunch we might just have to have an ice-cream. :)

 Every house with children needs play silks - they are just such a great simple toy. And dyeing them with food colouring and vinegar couldn't be easier. This video is for dyeing yarn, but you can do silk using the same method.